About Us

About Us:

Earth Water Expeditions is a social media community dedicated to spreading awareness and socializing on a global scale. We work with support groups worldwide to ensure news and programs are available for the eyes and ears of all.

Join our community and learn how a tweet or a post can have a major impact in the world we live in today. We are a non-profit organization that focuses on current problems that face our everyday lives. Gain the confidence to say what you really mean, how you really feel, and express your inner thoughts and emotions. Let it all out and express your freedom, tell the world what needs to change and what needs to be said. One voice is worth a thousand expert opinions.

EWE holds seminars all over the globe. Check out our calendar to catch a meet near you, or if you would like to host an event, be sure to contact our support staff for more information. If you are interested in becoming a EWE Ambassador, Chaperone, or if you are interested in Community Service opportunities, please email at opportunities@earthwaterexpeditions.com

Earth Water Expeditions – motivating your speech on the web.

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